Security 177 – Social Media and Privacy


Talk given on April 17th, 2018 at the East Brunswick Public Library on Security and privacy. We did a very introductory topic of what it means to share your data with social media services. We discussed what it means to assess risk, what Facebook has, how tracking and advertising works, and what to do moving forward. Again, this is very introductory.

Security 176 – More Facebook Fallout

We are talking part 2 of the Facebook mess

We are also quickly talking about:

Security 175 – Cambridge Analytica and Facebook



We are discussing what Cambridge Analytica did in relationship to getting data from Facebook. We are not having a political discussion.

Security 174 – Work Email is for Work

In the situation where you have to keep things secret, like how to pay off someone that may talk to the media, we want you to do it right.

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