Security 184 – WPA3

Is Google Reading your email? Well, did you allow it in permissions:

Time to talk more about permissions:…

WPA 3:

And your reminder that commercial VPNs are still terrible. Create your own, it isn’t that hard:



Security 182 – Don’t Leave Your Laptop Unattended


Don’t leave your laptop open at Starbucks.

Don’t back up your WhatsApp:

PiHole –

Security 180 – #Efail

we cover what this new PGP vulnerability is, we talk about a big goof from signal, and we finish with your cell phone location data:

Security 179 – Good Police Work

Main story is how California police caught the serial killer using DNA tests.

Pocketcasts gets a new home:

Reinstating open internet rules:

Georgia Governor vetos Security Bill