Security 182 – Don’t Leave Your Laptop Unattended

  Don’t leave your laptop open at Starbucks. Don’t back up your WhatsApp: PiHole –

Security 180 – #Efail

we cover what this new PGP vulnerability is, we talk about a big goof from signal, and we finish with your cell phone location data:

Security 179 – Good Police Work

Main story is how California police caught the serial killer using DNA tests. Pocketcasts gets a new home: Reinstating open internet rules: Georgia Governor vetos Security Bill

Security 177 – Social Media and Privacy

  Talk given on April 17th, 2018 at the East Brunswick Public Library on Security and privacy. We did a very introductory topic of what it means to share your data with social media services. We discussed what it means to assess risk, what Facebook has, how tracking and advertising works, and what to do […]