Security 09 – NSA Ate My Elf (Part 2 of Many)

It is that time of the month again, where we need to recap that last few weeks of NSA leaks. First, we tackle the AT&T meta data grab. Basically, no phone calls are private, and there is no expectation of privacy. Then we talk about an interesting story about public wifi where garbage cans are […]

Security 08 -Privacy and Google Glass

A student of Chaim’s asked if I could answer some privacy related questions regarding glass. Of course we can, and of course we can ask Tom, another glass explorer, what he thinks. While not a security episode per see, we do talk about privacy and advocacy. Show Notes: 1. The biggest concern regarding the Google […]

Security 07 – What’s A Yubico?

After we helped you create strong passwords, the next thing you will want is a second factor of authentication. I know we didn’t cover it, but we want to introduce you to the Yubikey. Yubikey is this little USB key looking device that is amazingly well built, and has one feature. It puts a random […]

Security 06 – Fireside Chat With Lastpass

With all the praise we’ve been giving LastPass, it was only fair that we had them on the show.  We are joined by Amber Gott to discuss LastPass and the new redesign.  We spoke about the redesign, the unknown but important features, and how your first step should be LastPass [Note: We will not publish […]

Security 05 – Passwords: Best Case, Worst Case, Upper Case, Lower Case

Passwords, what are they good for? We can do the entire podcast on just this one topic. Instead of boring everyone, we quickly touch on what makes a good password, and why longer passwords are more important than short but complex passwords. Next we talk about why password requirements do not increase security, and actually […]