Security 16 – Epic Hack

On this episode we look at the epic hack suffered by Naoki Hiroshima, and if anything we can do to really protect yourself.  Turns out this was a very clever social engineering hack.  We talk about how to protect yourself from these types of attacks, however, there isn’t really much you can do.

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Naoki Hiroshima | Medium

Security 15 – BitCoin

We finally tackle a topic a lot of people are interested in: BitCoin. In this episode we start very simply, and describe what it is, and how it works. Very simply, it is a psuedo-anonymous  currency, where anyone can see the ledger. Use this as a primer before you do anything.

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Security Now | 287

Coin Base 

Bit Coin Mining Machine | NewEgg

Exchange Rate |Mt Gox

Security 14 – The Cost of a Security Breach

Your Target experience was marred by the fact your credit card information got hacked. Who pays for this? How much does it really cost? On today’s episode we talk about the monetary value of a data breach, and the huge cost it costs to secure the data. Both Chaim and Tom shares experience in using credit monitoring services.

Security 13 – Phish, Phishing, and Spear Phishing

We go back to basics and discuss what to watch out for with internet scams.  This could sound like a whole bunch of common sense to most people, but please, share this with your friends and family who you think could fall for it.  Remind them, there is no Prince of Nigeria that knows who you are.  There is no Windows PC call center.  And if you run anti-virus, remember, you need to keep it up to date.

Security 12 – [Explicit] NSA Gets the iOS7 Treatment (Part 3 of Many)

We had a great show for you, but once again, news that couldn’t wait popped up. Once again we talk about what is going on with the NSA revelations. The big news is that iOS devices could potentially have malware that sends the data back to Utah. While only a physical attack, remote attacks ‘are coming soon.’

Next, your new laptop may have been intercepted by the NSA while in transit. Hardware modifications to send back data could have been installed.

Finally, we don’t know what is safe anymore.  We do know that most devices have some sort of back door.

Show Notes:
iPhone Access | Daily Dot
Laptop Hijacking | The Verge
NSA Back Doors | Der Spiegel