Security 14 – The Cost of a Security Breach

Your Target experience was marred by the fact your credit card information got hacked. Who pays for this? How much does it really cost? On today’s episode we talk about the monetary value of a data breach, and the huge cost it costs to secure the data. Both Chaim and Tom shares experience in using […]

Security 13 – Phish, Phishing, and Spear Phishing

We go back to basics and discuss what to watch out for with internet scams. ┬áThis could sound like a whole bunch of common sense to most people, but please, share this with your friends and family who you think could fall for it. ┬áRemind them, there is no Prince of Nigeria that knows who […]

Security 12 – [Explicit] NSA Gets the iOS7 Treatment (Part 3 of Many)

We had a great show for you, but once again, news that couldn’t wait popped up. Once again we talk about what is going on with the NSA revelations. The big news is that iOS devices could potentially have malware that sends the data back to Utah. While only a physical attack, remote attacks ‘are […]

Security 11 – Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is the next tool in our arsenal of being secure. After you have changed your passwords, now take the next step to secure it. While each service requires a different set up, the big names all use Google Authenticator. We think once you get this procedure in your workflow, you will be […]

Security 10 – Home Sweet Secure Home

The migration home is generally a good time for everyone. You get to spend time with your family and friends; unless you know the computer. If you are good with the computer, you know this is the time of year where everyone asks you to quickly look at their computer, and fix their printer. On […]