Security – 260 – Forbes Signal Article

Forbes put out an article on how Signal has some weaknesses using the after first unlock theory.
TL;DR – Yes, but not limited to signal. Power off your phone if you are worried.

Security – 259 – More WhatsApp Fallout

There was more news from the WhatsApp privacy fallout that we decided to have another show.

As you know, we have moved to signal. If you want an invite, tweet the show, or find one of us.

TL;DR, if you are using whatsapp to send cat photos to your family, you are ok. If you are using whatsapp business, they are making changes.

Security 258 – WhatsApp Privacy

We look at Apple’s new “Nutrition Facts” and try to figure out if they are actually useful (yes, but not really). We discuss the changes with WhatsApp, and where to move to.

Security 242- Ubiquiti’s Dream Machine

I decided to relearn everything about networking, and got myself a Ubiquiti Dream Machine. I share my experiences.

I really do like it. There are a ton of features, I didn’t know I needed. However, there are some quirks, like non standard feature naming practices.