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Security 08 -Privacy and Google Glass

A student of Chaim’s asked if I could answer some privacy related questions regarding glass. Of course we can, and of course we can ask Tom, another glass explorer, what he thinks. While not a security episode per see, we do talk about privacy and advocacy.

Show Notes:

1. The biggest concern regarding the Google Glasses is its privacy concern. Since you have the glasses are there any noticeable privacy issues which concern you?

2. Why do you think society is so paranoid about the Google Glass “creep factor” when there are devices out there that also do many of the same things?

3. There is also a lot of talk about Google being able to aggregate even more information on its users with the Glasses. What do you think about this?

4. If you could give a suggestion to Google, regarding fixing some of the privacy concerns with the Google Glasses, what would they be?

5. Do you think Google Glasses will ever become a widely adopted technology, just as smartphones are today? If so, why? And if not, what will it take for this to happen?

6. Businesses, such as bars, have already started to ban the Google Glasses. What do you think about this? Is it ok?

7. Lastly, after having the Google Glasses, would you recommend them to the general public to buy or is it not worth it?

Podcasts Security

Security 07 – What’s A Yubico?

After we helped you create strong passwords, the next thing you will want is a second factor of authentication. I know we didn’t cover it, but we want to introduce you to the Yubikey. Yubikey is this little USB key looking device that is amazingly well built, and has one feature. It puts a random string of characters to authenticate you against various devices.

We are joined by John Salter, COO of Yubico, to discuss all the great things Yubico and the Yubikey are doing. Please listen, comment, and let us know what you think.

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Show Notes:
Yubico | | @yubico | Facebook | Google Plus
Yubico Store |
Cypto and Use Cases |
Holiday Pack | Store

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Security 06 – Fireside Chat With Lastpass

With all the praise we’ve been giving LastPass, it was only fair that we had them on the show.  We are joined by Amber Gott to discuss LastPass and the new redesign.  We spoke about the redesign, the unknown but important features, and how your first step should be LastPass

[Note: We will not publish the video feed.  We had a terrible time with hangouts and the audio.  There are some hard volume changes.  Sorry].

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Security 05 – Passwords: Best Case, Worst Case, Upper Case, Lower Case

Passwords, what are they good for? We can do the entire podcast on just this one topic. Instead of boring everyone, we quickly touch on what makes a good password, and why longer passwords are more important than short but complex passwords. Next we talk about why password requirements do not increase security, and actually cause more harm. Finally we talk about our best practices for the average person, and the use for a password manager.

Show Notes:
KeePass |
LastPass |
Letter to webmasters |

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Security 04 – I Got a New Phone, Now What

You carry one device with you more than anything else, and it isn’t your wallet.  What once was a gadget that just had some phone numbers has turned into a treasure trove of personal identifiable information.  What should you do to secure your new purchase?  We discuss tonight.

What are the pros and cons of unlocking your phone?
What are the pros and cons of rooting your phone?
Should you download third party virus scanners?

Show Notes:
Android Device Manager |
Nexus 5 |