Security 172 – We Are TLS

    inThirty is now TLS (actually a real cert through godaddy) TCL Roku TV issue: Kashmir Hill’s connected house exercise: Cryptomining in browsers (we may have spoken about this) Update wordpress Signal has an option to remove the invite banner

Security 170 – Slow News

  It has been a slow week. I think we just sit and talk about what happened in the last two weeks. Seriously, we were all consumed about Meltdown and Spectre.

Security 169 – Meltdown and Spectre

Tom is going to take us through these two 0 day vulnerabilities that affects literally everyone. Yes, you, go update now. Intel Responds to Security Research Findings

Security 168 – New Year’s Tips

  [Edit: I didn’t record through the microphone. There is an annoying reverb/echo on my end.] So on deck: Stories of 2017: AltCoins Net Neutrality End of Year cleanup Things to look forward to next year