Security 179 – Good Police Work

Main story is how California police caught the serial killer using DNA tests. Pocketcasts gets a new home: Reinstating open internet rules: Georgia Governor vetos Security Bill

Security 178 – Are We In The Clear?

  Ray Ozzie talks about an encryption model that he think will help law enforcement who produce a valid warrant.

Security 175 – Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

    We are discussing what Cambridge Analytica did in relationship to getting data from Facebook. We are not having a political discussion.

Security 174 – Work Email is for Work

In the situation where you have to keep things secret, like how to pay off someone that may talk to the media, we want you to do it right. Other Link:

Security 173 – Browser Cryptomining

We are going to start off with Chrome’s new Ad blocking feature. Links here: We will then go into the pros and cons of crypto mining in the browser