Security 273 – Career Pathways 1

We are trying something new. We want to put together a series of videos for those who may want to move into the infosec area. This video is just an overview of simple things you can do. We plan on talking about ways to make life easier, and to cover some of the basic topics to help you pass your certification exams.

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Security 271 – Western Digital Did Bad (But Maybe Not)

The big topic of the week is that if you had a Western Digital MyBook from 2015, there was a bug/exploit that wiped all your data. We talk about the bug, and whose fault it is (WD). Then we finished up with their response, which was as good as can be given the circumstances.

Security 270 – Good Police Work

We cover two recent stories on what we call “Good Police Work.” Without breaking encryption, the police find ways to catch criminals.

How the FBI Tricked Criminals into Using its Messaging App