Security 187 – Post Defcon


We recap Hacker Summer camp. The sights, the sounds, the random room searches.

Room Searches:

Voting Machines:

Voicemail vulnerability:

Ajit Pai said the FCC wasn’t DDoS’d:

Security 186 – Delete All The Tweets

We teased this last week, and never got to it.

1) How to delete your tweets:

I forked the project, but I can’t find the OP to credit.

2) Fornite sidesteps the play store. This is a bad idea:

3) Android P is here

Security 185 – Google gets no Phish


Google claims nobody has been phished since deploying U2F:

Russia Indictments shows the US is really good at hacking: (Start at minute 90)

Tom wipes all his tweets :

Security 184 – WPA3

Is Google Reading your email? Well, did you allow it in permissions:

Time to talk more about permissions:…

WPA 3:

And your reminder that commercial VPNs are still terrible. Create your own, it isn’t that hard: