Security 190 – Scams

This week we talk more about the facebook scam about impersonation. Google+ has a breach which accelerates its demise. A certain rapper has a passcode of 000000. We discuss if that is good or bad.

189 – Facebook’s Week of Problems

Facebook had a breach: Facebook security settings: Facebook Shadow Contact Info: GPGTools: NordVPN weird bug:

Security 188 – Stalking Apps

We have a light week, but we must keep on keeping on. Faxploit: Fix: Fortnite Exploit: Ajit Pai knew about DDOS attack: Is the CA wildfires issue a net neutrality issue? Maybe: Staking app got hacked:

Security 187 – Post Defcon

  We recap Hacker Summer camp. The sights, the sounds, the random room searches. Room Searches: Voting Machines: Voicemail vulnerability: Ajit Pai said the FCC wasn’t DDoS’d: