What’s App?

App StoreWell folks, episode 54 of your favorite tech podcast, inThirty, is really something special. We interview Jony Ive about his inspiration for the upcoming, yet to be announced fifth generation iPhone…wait, sorry, I was dreaming. We do the next best thing and take our loyal listeners through our favorite apps on the desktop and in our pockets, apps for work and apps for play – is now a good time to apologize for the introduction to this episode: sorry! Check the show notes for links to the apps we mention.

Show Notes
Tweetbot | iOS
Google Voice | Android
Google Chrome | iOS | Android
gReader | Android
NetNewsWire | iOS
Reeder | iPhone | iPad
HBO Go | iOS
Netflix | iOS/Apple TV
Pocket Casts | iOS | Android
Instapaper | iOS
Instagram | iOS | Android
iPhoto | iOS
Google+ | iOS
Scrivener | OS X | Windows
UPAD | Android
TextWrangler | OS X
Jetpack Joyride | iOS
7 Little Words | iOS
SpellTower | iOS