I Spy APIs

Twitter APIChanges are afoot and being fretted over 140 characters at a time at Twitter. Episode 55 of inThirty takes you through the changes to Twitter’s API and what they mean for the social network’s bazillion users. Harry is worried he’ll be unable to mute hashtags like #Bieberific and Chaim is concerned that he’ll have to wade through promoted tweets by Costco competitors. Justin, and we’ll blame Google Hangouts for this, ducks out of the conversation for a few, but Mr. Michael Degusta of the theunderstatement.com joins us to lend some much needed metered, sardonic, rationality to the discussion. Mike has also gotten himself on the guest list to the swankiest most VIPiest club on the internet, Twitter competitor App.net and tells us all he can about the service without violating the oath he took to get a spot. Thank you Mike!

Show Notes
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