BlackBerry 10 Nails in the Coffin

RIM’s BlackBerry OS smartphone chops are showing their first signs of ripeness: on the 39th episode of inThirty we give our take on BlackBerry 10. The dev kits and PR speak are flowing like maple syrup straight from Waterloo and comparisons to more mature smartphone platforms abound as we analyze RIM’s future prospects and discuss whether the hardware keyboard will be BlackBerry’s defining feature going forward. We also consider whether RIM’s popularity with the enterprise can be spun into success in the consumer sector.
Later, we follow up on the progress of another newish mobile OS, Windows Phone 7. When we spoke to Steve Wozniak a few months ago we asked for his feelings on the mobile OS that Gates built and he hadn’t yet had time to play much with Metro. Apparently a Lumia made its way into Woz’s hands and he has some interesting things to say.

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