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inThirty 150 – Ingress for iOS

Ingress for iOS just came out, and I wanted to offer a primer for those who may not understand. The game isn’t difficult, but overwhelming at first. I’ve recruited Darren Yung, to help discuss the game. The goal is to get you to understand the game in the thirty minutes we have. We tried to provide the best mix of backstory, game play, and challenges, but there is too much.

I suggest you watch for some screen shots.

Show Notes:
Ingress | Play
Ingress | App Store
ChaimTime | Ingress, The Best Game You’ve Never Played
Decode Ingress


Security 20 – Goto Fails Us Again

We talk about what everyone in the tech universe is talking about. What is this Apple iOS bug that is causing all this panic? Well Tom breaks it down for us. It is a nasty error, but not as nasty as initially thought. It is still cause for concern, and everyone with an apple product should be looking to update as soon as possible

Show Notes
Imperial Violet | https://www.imperialviolet.org/2014/02/22/applebug.html