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Security 20 – Goto Fails Us Again

We talk about what everyone in the tech universe is talking about. What is this Apple iOS bug that is causing all this panic? Well Tom breaks it down for us. It is a nasty error, but not as nasty as initially thought. It is still cause for concern, and everyone with an apple product should be looking to update as soon as possible

Show Notes
Imperial Violet | https://www.imperialviolet.org/2014/02/22/applebug.html


Security 12 – [Explicit] NSA Gets the iOS7 Treatment (Part 3 of Many)

We had a great show for you, but once again, news that couldn’t wait popped up. Once again we talk about what is going on with the NSA revelations. The big news is that iOS devices could potentially have malware that sends the data back to Utah. While only a physical attack, remote attacks ‘are coming soon.’

Next, your new laptop may have been intercepted by the NSA while in transit. Hardware modifications to send back data could have been installed.

Finally, we don’t know what is safe anymore. ¬†We do know that most devices have some sort of back door.

Show Notes:
iPhone Access | Daily Dot
Laptop Hijacking | The Verge
NSA Back Doors | Der Spiegel



Things That Go Click Click Click – inThirty 114

Chaim was really excited about the new Sony A7. We ask him to explain why is so excited, and why a new camera really matters. After we focus on taking pictures, and what gear everyone else has. Are the days of cameras over with the great image quality of the 5s? Finally we discuss add-ons for camera phones.