inThirty 179 – Apple Watch Aftermath

It has been only a few days, and the three of us (who don’t own an Apple Watch) feel the need to comment on it.  What are our initial thoughts?


inThirty 176 – Apple Watch Announcement

Not much here other than the Apple Watch.  We talk about how the keynote went, and weather any of us will buy one?

Spoiler: Chaim won’t.

inThirty 163 – The New iPad Air 2

All three of us watched the snoozefest so you wouldn’t have to.  You are probably still sleeping from it.  The big question is does Chaim by a 5k iMac?


inThirty 162 – It’s Been Too Long

Next week we will be treated to another Apple announcement. We assume it is new iPads. Chaim thought we will spend the show discussing the minutia details of the ipad, but it turned into Chaim being told that nobody cares.

inThirty 159 – iOS 8 First Impressions

We are recording the day iOS 8 came out. Since Paul and Justin downloaded the Gold Master, Chaim was stuck waiting for the download to happen. We discuss the major changes that will be useful.