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inThirty 133 – Who Are You Wearing

We revisit a topic that just doesn’t seem to give up; Wearables. We’ve already complained that it won’t go anywhere yet, but yet, it still badgers us. Today’s installment brings us a Google Developer Preview and a product announcement from Motorola. What do we all think?

Show Notes:
Official Google Wearable Announcement
Moto 360


Moto X (cellent)? – inThirty 104

On tonight’s episode we tackle three hot topics of the past 10 days. How did Justin like his brand new Nexus 7? Is it his gateway to Android? Chaim has had his ChromeCast for a few days. He weighs in with his thoughts. How did the Moto X fair on launch day?

Show Notes:





Mid-Summer Night’s Google Announcement – inThirty 103

We took “Breakfast with Sundar Pichai,” and finally digested it.  We present with you with the inThirty nightcap.  Which of the big three announcements is the most important.  Is a Nexus 7 worth it.  Is Chaim’s assessment that Android OS is now taking a backseat.


Show Notes:
Chrome Cast SDK
Play Store – Chrome Cast
Nexus 7
Android 4.3