Security 42 – Android Permissions

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt have plagued us over the last week with an article that shows how bad Facebook’s messenger program is. However, nobody actually took a second to think why those permissions were being asked.

Remember android asks for permissions up front, while iOS asks at time of use.

Show Notes:
Original Article: CBS Local
Android Central|Android Permissions
Facebook Messenger| Play Store

inThirty 154 – App Stores

We bring Kelly Guimont in to help us discuss app stores, and their success, but more problems. Should it be this difficult to find apps, or should the respective app stores do something about it?

inThirty 147 – Google I/O 2014

We are obviously talking about I/O. Watch out for a thrown together show as Chaim is in California recording in the hotel room with a baby on his lap.

inThirty 145 – Pre Google I/O 2014

Just like pre WWDC, we talk about what is going to happen at Google I/O. Also like our pre WWDC, we couldn’t contain the show to just half hour. Instead of taking notes, we just winged it. You got thirty minutes of us trying to figure out what I/O is going to be this year.

inThirty 141 – iMessage

Everyone was busy, so Chaim had to find a substitute. I called on my Security:inThirty cohost, Tom, to come on and help me do the show. Today we discuss the iMessage problems that are plaguing iphone to Android converts.

Show Notes:
Adam Pash | iMessage Purgatory

inThirty 139 – A Misaligned Menagerie of News

Seriously, nothing happened in the last week. We have a few stories, but nothing major. The show must go on, so we found a bunch of stories that hopefully will make for a good show.

Show Notes:
Aaron Swartz – The Internet’s Own Boy
Facebook’s Developer Conference F8  | Mashable
Apple PR | MacBook Air Price Drop
Android Silver | Ars Technica
Glass price / Surface tablet
Vic Gundotra Leaves Google+ | Google+

inThirty 133 – Who Are You Wearing

We revisit a topic that just doesn’t seem to give up; Wearables. We’ve already complained that it won’t go anywhere yet, but yet, it still badgers us. Today’s installment brings us a Google Developer Preview and a product announcement from Motorola. What do we all think?

Show Notes:
Official Google Wearable Announcement
Moto 360