Security 65 – Tom’s Got Topics

Tom brought us a few good topics to discuss. Let us know if the audio has gotten any better.

inThirty 174 – DVR’d News

First off we start with a special announcement. We are going to focus more on quality of audio and content, more than doing a show every week.

We talk about the two news hosting stories of the week. Brian Williams being suspended, and Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show. We discuss our TV news watching habits.

inThirty 176 – Apple Watch Announcement

Not much here other than the Apple Watch.  We talk about how the keynote went, and weather any of us will buy one?

Spoiler: Chaim won’t.

Security 64 – Google Drive Bug

First off, unless there is a demand for weekly, I think we are going to go every other week.

In this episode we get a viewer email showing us a bad Google permissions bug. We spend the show talking about the bug, what the emailer did (all correct), and what happens when nothing gets done. Tom wrote a blog post detailing it, which you should take a look at.

Show Notes:
The Blog of Tom Webster
Gunnar Haid