Security 76 – DefCon East

Chaim went to DefCon in NYC. You may be asking yourself, how can that be. Well DefCon did a special session in NYC for the TriBeCa Film Festival. What did he learn?

Show Notes:
TOOOL | The Open Organization Of Lockpickers

Security 75 – WiFi Grenade

Fresh off his talk at OISF, Tom talks about what a wifi grenade is. It is better to watch than to listen because of the slides.

NOTE: This is purely for individual use. It could get you in trouble.

Show Notes:
Tom’s Blog Post with Disclaimer

Security 74 – The Lowest Standard

The topics we talk about here are supposed to be for security aware people, but we forget that our standards are sometimes set too high. We spend this show talking about the very very basic things you can do. Remember, there are people who have never heard of a podcast.