Security 93 – Content Blockers


We talk again about blocking content, now that iOS 9 allows apps in the app store. We discuss the need, the controversy, and how you can try to do it proactively

Security 92 – Lifehacker’s Top Ten Simple Computer Things

(We go a little long)
Lifehacker did a top ten of simple computer tasks everybody should know. The problem is they wrote 100 words on it, and left. Sure they provided links, but they didn’t go into enough detail. As a security podcast we take issue to just saying “Stay Secure, here is a quick link.”
The lifehacker link is here:

inThirty 186 – Apple’s Back To School Fall 2015

We talk about what Apple announced today.  Is Apple Pencil a joke, do we like Eddie Cue’s matching Product RED watch, and do we play games on our streaming set top boxes?

Security 91 – Privacy Tools Part 2

We spoke last week about a great site (, but only got through a little of it.  This week we hopefully finish.

Edit: We go long.

Security 90 – Privacy Tools (Part 1)

Both Tom and Chaim found a great website called It lists safe habits and recommended programs that should be used. We talk about it.

Show Notes:
Privacy Tools |

Security 89 – What Experts Do

We looked at an Ars Technica story about the difference between normal internet denizens and security researchers regarding their online habits.

Show Notes:

Ars Technica | What amateurs can learn from security pros about staying safe online