inThirty 150 – Ingress for iOS

Ingress for iOS just came out, and I wanted to offer a primer for those who may not understand. The game isn’t difficult, but overwhelming at first. I’ve recruited Darren Yung, to help discuss the game. The goal is to get you to understand the game in the thirty minutes we have. We tried to provide the best mix of backstory, game play, and challenges, but there is too much.

I suggest you watch for some screen shots.

Show Notes:
Ingress | Play
Ingress | App Store
ChaimTime | Ingress, The Best Game You’ve Never Played
Decode Ingress


Security 37 – More News

Once again, news hit as we were doing our pre show in that Avast security says that wiping your phone will not actually wipe it. We ask Tom if that is true, and he responds with a well researched Ars Technica article.

After we talk about how someone is suing the TOR network because he doesn’t understand how it works.

Show Notes

Ars Technica | Panicking over Android’s factory reset is (mostly) unwarranted

Avast | Tens of Thousands Sell Themselves Every Day

Lifehacker | How Do I Securely Erase My Phone Before I Sell It?

RT | XKeyscore exposed: How NSA tracks all German Tor users as ‘extremists’

Washington Post | In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are


inThirty 149 – Is Google Too Big

The title is a bit misleading. In side news, both CEOs at Google and Microsoft sat down to discuss *stuff.* We say stuff because we couldn’t see how this affected their company, other than from a philosophical standpoint. Larry and Sergey talked about their seemingly political beliefs, while Satya Nadella of Microsoft discussed his novella of a memo to the company.

We break down, hopefully, eloquently, what each CEO said.

Show Notes:
Venture Beat | Both Google co-founders reveal beliefs on rent, privacy, taxes, law, & future tech (in 7 quotes)

Satya Nadella | Email to Microsoft

Verge | A chat with Microsoft’s CEO: why Apple and Google haven’t won yet

Verge | Microsoft CEO readies big shakeup, drops devices and services focus


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