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We talk about two topics today. The first (most boring) is the G+ fight between Chris Messina and Mike Elgan about G+. Turns out, nobody cares. G+ is great, but no one will use it (except Chaim). Then we talk about the implication of removing the captcha and having some sort of internal test that Google has.

Show Notes:
Mike Elgan – G+ –
Chris Messina – Medium –

Google reCaptcha – 2-


inThirty Special – How to Shave

We are joined by @mantic59 from his Sharpologist blog to talk shaving. We’ve all seen (and heard) the ads for different shaving products, but why not go double edge? Never heard of double edge? Learn what the hype is, and why you may want to try shaving differently.

Show Notes:
Mantic59 – youtube –

Need a starting point:

Baluga razor kickstarter:

What is the best shaving soap?


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