Security 100 – System Build Part 2


We complete our talk on how to build a system with a quick (ok long) talk on virus scanning, backing up, online back up, and finish with registry cleaners.

We take the time to discuss that when you are at dinner for Thanksgiving, you should help, but also explain what you are doing.

Security 99 – Encryption is Not a Crime

We discuss the Paris attacks and the technopanic behind them. While we are saddened by what happened, going after encryption is not going to stop terrorism from happening


Security 98 – New System Setup

We initially thought we couldn’t possibly talk for thirty minutes on this. We were wrong. I think we need a part two at some point.

The discussion talks about what the process for buying a new computer, and once you get it, what to do.

Security 97 – More Messengers

We have some news regarding messenger platforms. Threema gets audited, and approved.  Signal is now the standard privacy app you should use. We talk more news.

Show Notes:

Security 96 – Home Networking

Chaim’s been thinking a lot about home networking, and we realized we never talked about routers, switches, and access points.  We spend this show talking about it.



Security 95 – News, News, News

We talk about the news of the week.  We start off with LastPass being bought by LogMeIn.  We follow up with the CIA director’s email getting hacked, and finally, Target’s PA system has issues.

LastPass and LogMeIn
CIA’s Email Hacked
Target PA System (Warning: Gawker Link)

Security 94 – DerbyCon – Change the Way Your Users Think of Security

Tom is just back from DerbyCon, and the talk he wants to explain is how to change your ways users think of security.  We are linking the talk in the show notes.

Show Notes: