Security 83 – News from June

First off, Chaim’s audio is a little off. (I really need a cough button). Anyway, we’ve had some slow news weeks, so we decided to push the episode back a week until we find some real content. Remember, we are not here to explain things that you really can’t control. We bring you some of the minor stories in June. More NSA revelations, fitbit data helping in the courtroom, and David Cameron saying some pretty bad things.

82 – LastPass Lost Hashes

LastPass had a security issue last Friday. The disclose it on the blog. This is not as scary as it sounds, but still something you don’t want to happen. We do our best to describe it.

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LastPass Blog
Ars Technica

Security 79 – Three Great Websites

With a slow news cycle going on, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you three great sites that should help you keep tabs on the sites you visit most.

[Video is not full length.  Listen instead.]

1) Get Permissions 
2) Two Factor Auth List