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inThirty 155 – Twitter and Social Advocacy

There hasn’t been a lot of tech news in the last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean there is real news. To take the tech angle, we go back to twitter and see how it has become the spot for instant news. We tackle the new twitter feed changes, then talk about the turmoil around the world, and how has twitter changed the landscape of news.

Show Notes:
The SEM Post
Twitter Blog
More Than Liking and Bookmarking


Security 42 – Android Permissions

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt have plagued us over the last week with an article that shows how bad Facebook’s messenger program is. However, nobody actually took a second to think why those permissions were being asked.

Remember android asks for permissions up front, while iOS asks at time of use.

Show Notes:
Original Article: CBS Local
Android Central|Android Permissions
Facebook Messenger| Play Store