Security 18 – The Day We Fight Back

On Tuesday, February 18, the internet decided to fight back. Well not really, but it was a large scale protest to protest mass surveillance. Unlike SOPA and PIPA, the goal was to bring to the forefront the problems with government spying. Well how did we do? Tom and I discuss the numbers, and what this means on both a macro and micro scale.

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The Day We Fight Back

Security 17 – Free Public Wifi

We have all been in that time where we just need to send out that email, but our cell service isn’t working, or our battery is dead. Our only option is the Free Public Wifi. Well, on today’s show we discuss how bad it really is. Short answer is, avoid at all costs. Also, assume anything you send through it will be intercepted.

Security 15 – BitCoin

We finally tackle a topic a lot of people are interested in: BitCoin. In this episode we start very simply, and describe what it is, and how it works. Very simply, it is a psuedo-anonymous  currency, where anyone can see the ledger. Use this as a primer before you do anything.

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