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Security 25 – HeartBleed

We were going to talk about the end of life for Windows XP, but a really nasty SSL vulnerability came to life. Heartbleed is a vulnerability that essentially breaks SSL. The good news, it was simple to fix. The bad news, is you have to change your password once the site is fixed.

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Security 24 – What’s Up LastPass

We brought Amber from LastPass back on to check in with them to see what has happened since last time we spoke with them. Well, they added a huge update to Android. Now with your premium service, you can have LastPass fill in your credentials into non browser, mobile apps.

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Security 23 – Email and Follow Up

First off, sorry about skipping last week. Both of us were under the weather. You can still hear it in our voices.

We first have followup about an omission that we said on the email show about Mailvelope. Yes, Mailvelope opens a separate window outside of your webmail that will paste the encrypted message back. Then we talk about a story where Microsoft read one if its user’s emails mainly because they could. We finally end with a new website that Tom discovered providing an easy way to

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