Security 89 – What Experts Do

We looked at an Ars Technica story about the difference between normal internet denizens and security researchers regarding their online habits.

Show Notes:

Ars Technica | What amateurs can learn from security pros about staying safe online

Security 87 – DefCon before DefCon

Chaim is in his hotel room, getting ready for #LineCon. Before the craziness happens, we take a look at a few things that came out of BlackHat.  We talk about stagefright, and how the big OEMs are finally starting to think security.

The audio was bad.  I was using open wifi, vpn’d of course.

Security 87 – Hey Mom! I’m Going to DefCon

Chaim is going to Defcon, but has no idea what he should expect.  Fear Not! We bring you two experts who can help him navigate everything.  We are joined by Whitney Merrill (@wbm312) and Peter Teoh (@pteoh).

Security 85 – Flash 0 Day

We talk about the important stance the browsers made to block flash after a number of 0 day exploits were found in the HackingTeam’s files.
[I thought the audio was very good on this episode].