inThirty 174 – DVR’d News

First off we start with a special announcement. We are going to focus more on quality of audio and content, more than doing a show every week.

We talk about the two news hosting stories of the week. Brian Williams being suspended, and Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show. We discuss our TV news watching habits.

Security 67 – Actual News Articles

We came across three interesting news articles in the past week, two of them are philosophical problems regarding security.

First we talk about the the life of passwords as found in the NYTimes. How do you decrypt when you need to after the 9/11 attacks.

Second we talk about the hack on Sony, and what we know.

Finally, we have a debate of sorts of whose fault it is when IT knows it all, and the average user does not.

Show Notes:
The Secret Life of Passwords – NY Times
Sony Hack: What We Know So Far – Wired – 
A Story About Jessica – @SwiftonSecurity – 

Security 55 – Facebook Encrypts

While the title is misleading, it isn’t all that incorrect. First we tackle follow up on LastPass. We then talk about a coalition to SSL all the websites. We finish talking about how WhatsApp, a Facebook company, just went all encryption crazy.

inThirty Special – How to Shave

We are joined by @mantic59 from his Sharpologist blog to talk shaving. We’ve all seen (and heard) the ads for different shaving products, but why not go double edge? Never heard of double edge? Learn what the hype is, and why you may want to try shaving differently.

Show Notes:
Mantic59 – youtube –

Need a starting point:

Baluga razor kickstarter:

What is the best shaving soap?

inThirty 165 – News of The Week

With all the little stories going on, we decided to go through them quickly.  Naturally analysis was also quick.  We talk about Fitbit and Google Fit, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and CurrentC.  We finish off with the Amazon fire stick