Security 110 – PFSense 2

[Note: I used the audio, so let me know how it sounds.]

We loosely cover the second half of our PFSense episode, mainly consisting of VLANs and OpenVPN. This stuff is hard, but very worth it once you figure it out.

We tackle some news.

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  1. I would be interested in getting your take on how/if websites tracking our data impacts network speeds. Possibly you could discuss this in a future podcast. Here’s what my experience is and wondered if there’s a connection.

    I have Comcast Blast and get great speeds if I go to Comcast’s speed test site. But if I go to or, it takes forever for the pages to load. That’s just one example but I think you’ll get the idea.

    You mentioned that speeds may improve using a VPN. If I connect to Comcast.Net using a VPN, will the pages load quicker and if so, is it related how a VPN limits data tracking?


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