The One Before One Hundred – inThirty 99

On today’s bittersweet episode, we discuss how the inThirty sausage is made, including what hardware we use to record and how each episode is stitched together.  We also share our favorite podcasts spanning a range of topics, including tech, writing, and anything made by NPR.

Finally, Harry has a very special announcement for listeners.

Show Notes


Inside Creative Writing with Brad Reed” | iTunes

The Writer’s Almanac” | iTunes

The Menu Bar” | iTunes

Security Now!” | iTunes

This Week in Google” | iTunes


2 Replies to “The One Before One Hundred – inThirty 99”

  1. Hello. I’ve been listening to your podcast almost as long as I’ve been criticizing it! Harry’s leaving?! Even Strongbad broke the 200 podcast mark…. is Harry being out-manned by Strongbad?

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