inThirty 95 – Digital Rights Mess


It’s not all fun and games with the new Xbox One. DRM is still an issue, but will it break the next-gen gaming industry, or are we paranoid for no reason?

Seriously, tell us. Are we paranoid!?

Show Notes

Rumor: Publishers seeking used game DRM on Xbox One and PS4” | Polygon

Willis or No Willis: Passing on Your Downloads When You Pass” | ABC News

Press Start: PS4 targeted by anti-DRM campaign, new Xbox One details, and more” | The Guardian

Former EA CEO: PS4, Xbox One Always-On DRM Will Not Succeed Long-Term” | Cinemablend

Capitol Wins Major Lawsuit Against ReDigi and Digital Resales” | musicjobs

Adobe: 5 Reasons We Killed The Creative Suite” | Fast Company

One thought on “inThirty 95 – Digital Rights Mess”

  1. For a casual gamer that plays in spare time between cleaning the gutters and going to work this will be a deciding factor. I buy used games to play sparingly but will never buy new. I can substitute the game with an Alternative or find a new hobby.

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