Episode 68 – Something about Football

Happy Thanksgiving listeners! We hope you’ve recovered from your food comas in time to join us for episode 68 of inThirty – Justin jumped the gun and said it was number 69 at the top of the show and his confusion maintains itself throughout. We leave tech on the table and Chaim takes us through something called “football” with the help of regular contributor Drew Pitchford. Harry is absent, but missed, and we bet he’s thankful that he decided to take this episode off because passing around the pigskin is not his forte. Chaim and Drew try to explain the college football Bowl Championship System to Justin and all three soon realize that figuring out whether Apple really did infringe on Samsung’s wireless patents would be easier. Touchdown.

Episode 68 Hangout: http://youtu.be/zpwttYkQ3OU?t=4m13s

Drew Pitchford, War Eagle

Show Notes
Rutgers headed to Big Ten | ESPN
The road to the BCS has been a long one | ESPN
Obama’s BCS Options | The Washington Times

3 Replies to “Episode 68 – Something about Football”

  1. I am 100% certain that Harry ditched this on purpose! Did you know that in high school he wrote an op ed piece about how athletics are a waste of school funding, and how virtually none of the athletes in our high school would ever go pro? The chutzpa!

    Then he got flamed in the school paper, in person, and in various other outlets! It was a smashing good time.

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