Security 67 – Actual News Articles

We came across three interesting news articles in the past week, two of them are philosophical problems regarding security.

First we talk about the the life of passwords as found in the NYTimes. How do you decrypt when you need to after the 9/11 attacks.

Second we talk about the hack on Sony, and what we know.

Finally, we have a debate of sorts of whose fault it is when IT knows it all, and the average user does not.

Show Notes:
The Secret Life of Passwords – NY Times
Sony Hack: What We Know So Far – Wired – 
A Story About Jessica – @SwiftonSecurity – 


inThirty 167 – Click Here if Human

We talk about two topics today. The first (most boring) is the G+ fight between Chris Messina and Mike Elgan about G+. Turns out, nobody cares. G+ is great, but no one will use it (except Chaim). Then we talk about the implication of removing the captcha and having some sort of internal test that Google has.

Show Notes:
Mike Elgan – G+ –
Chris Messina – Medium –

Google reCaptcha – 2-


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