inThirty 137 – Getting into the Conference

Chaim had to interrupt his Passover Sedar to sign up for Google I/O. Why would he do that when he could just have waited until later that night? Well in a weird series of events, Chaim was trying to beat the algorithm and get ahead of others on the I/O lottery.

This topic came from a recent episode of where Marco, John, and Casey explain the best ways for doing this. There show is two hours, ours is thirty minutes. While they are all smarter than us, we break it down in a “more fun way.”

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Security 25 – HeartBleed

We were going to talk about the end of life for Windows XP, but a really nasty SSL vulnerability came to life. Heartbleed is a vulnerability that essentially breaks SSL. The good news, it was simple to fix. The bad news, is you have to change your password once the site is fixed.

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