72 – License Plate Readers

Ars Technica did a piece on the Oakland Police Department using License Plate Readers to track cars. It caused a stir, not by the use of the device, but the visualization it gave later. Tom and I discuss is this something we should fear, or is this a good thing.

Show Notes:
Ars Technica

Security 71 – Torrenting

Before we start, we must say, we don’t condone stealing from anyone. We are not providing any show notes, nor making any recommendations.

Tom and I argued about this episode before deciding it should be done. Torrenting and piracy will happen, but we should explain how to do it safely. This is one of those topics where people aren’t going to listen to not do something, so showing them the best way, is probably the right thing.

Security 70 – Drones

While not a security topic per say, Tom and Chaim are drone curious. They decided to look into the issues associated with drones. Should you be worried that they will turn into annoying gnats on a summer’s eve, or just a passing fad.

Security 69- Rapid Fire

Nothing major happened this week, but we do have a bunch of little stories. We give Tom four minutes each story, and let him explain to us what is going on.

Moxie Marlinspike | PGP
Ars Technica | Hillary ran her own webserver
Journalism Tools for Privacy
WSJ | SIM Card Theft
Ars Technica | Hard Drive Firmware Hacking
Whisper Systems | Signal Encryption App
Ars Technica | Google not requiring encryption on lollipop

Security 68 – #Superfish

#superfish is here. Tom and I talk about what this means, and more importantly how to remove it if you are infected. We talk about how this happened, how researchers found the “feature” and what this means to Lenovo.

inThirty 175 – The Internet Wins

We take a look at the decision brought forth by the FCC, and what it means to be a utility as defined by Title 2. Chaim takes the side of maybe a law in 1934 is too old, and should be written for today’s technology.

Show Notes:
Netflix Tweet
Battle for the Net
FCC Rules

Security 67 – Anthem Data Breach

Tom takes us through some more news articles in the next thirty minutes, but we mainly focus on the Anthem personal identifiable information leak. Again we talk about what to do, what to watch out for. Next we talk about FIDO and Windows 10 wanting to destroy the password.