Security 79 – Three Great Websites

With a slow news cycle going on, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you three great sites that should help you keep tabs on the sites you visit most.

[Video is not full length.  Listen instead.]

1) Get Permissions 
2) Two Factor Auth List

Security 76 – DefCon East

Chaim went to DefCon in NYC. You may be asking yourself, how can that be. Well DefCon did a special session in NYC for the TriBeCa Film Festival. What did he learn?

Show Notes:
TOOOL | The Open Organization Of Lockpickers

Security 75 – WiFi Grenade

Fresh off his talk at OISF, Tom talks about what a wifi grenade is. It is better to watch than to listen because of the slides.

NOTE: This is purely for individual use. It could get you in trouble.

Show Notes:
Tom’s Blog Post with Disclaimer